Best Way to Change or Recover Forgotten Hotmail Account Password

In every online form, the most discussed topic is how to change or reset the password. As our daily life hugely depends on our online activities, forgetting the password is considered as one of the most horrified personal calamities. The users of Hotmail, one of the most popular email services are no the exception. After the acquisition by Microsoft, Hotmail now known as Outlook mail; simplifies the way to change or recover forgotten Hotmail account password. The Account Recovery tool of Microsoft helps the users to regain the access to their accounts.
Best way to Change Hotmail Account Password: Log in to your Hotmail account. You can still log in with your Hotmail username and password to Outlook. Now click on your profile picture and select the View account button. Then you have to click Change Password and enter your present password. After clicking on Sign in, you have to verify your identity by entering the code which Outlook has already sent to your mobile or secondary email id. After the verification, enter your current password and then the new password two times. After confirming the action you can log in to your Hotmail account with the changed password.
Best way to Recover Forgotten Hotmail Account Password: If you forget your Hotmail account password, then you can easily recover it with the recovery phone number and email id. Go to the homepage of Outlook mail and click on the link named ‘Can’t access your account?’ just under the email and password fields. It will be redirected to a new window with a list of reasons for trouble sign-in. You need to choose ‘I forgot my password’ link and then click Next. Now you have to enter your Hotmail address in the Microsoft Account field. You need to verify by entering the CAPTCHA and then click Next. Now you have to verify your identity with Microsoft to recover forgotten Hotmail account password. If you have set a recovery email with your Hotmail account, a code will be sent to that mail. You can also generate your verification code in your Microsoft Account app which you have to add with your Hotmail account previously. In another verification method, Outlook will send you a text message with the secret code to the associated Hotmail account phone number. If you can avail none of these ways, Microsoft provides you another way to recover your account. You need to click ‘I don’t use these anymore’ link. You need to answer a questionnaire related to your account to prove your identity.

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